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Digital technologies will drive future physician engagement

As we all continue to navigate through this new medical landscape. iMD Health is here to support you as you reassess your brand’s strategic and behavioural strategies. The new norms: More than 48% of HCPs are using telemedicine (virtual care) with 77% stating they will continue. Sales forces have been grounded: The opportunity to get…

May 14, 2020 Read more

Tia Health and iMD Health take telemedicine to the next level by providing digital education for patients during COVID-19

Tia Health officially announced a partnership with iMD Health to enhance the patient telemedicine experience through virtual education. Where Tia Health is the interface to which Canadians can virtually access healthcare, iMD Health is the platform able to better equip patients and physicians before, during, and after their appointment by giving them access to the…

May 12, 2020 Read more

Is your Patient Support Program Digital Enough?

During these difficult times, your patient support programs are providing an invaluable connection between patients, caregivers and their healthcare teams, and will remain invaluable post-crisis. Developments in digital patient engagement are racing ahead, with 73% of healthcare professionals turning to digital resources to support their patients.  Patient support programs are moving from simple, one-way, education-oriented…

April 29, 2020 Read more

Let iMD Health Drive your Digital Innovations

With almost 75% of Health Professionals being impacted by Covid-19, now is the time to be acting on shifting your focus from face-to-face opportunities with your customers to digital strategies that will continue to bring awareness and support for your brands. iMD makes this switch easy iMD Health can help to make this transition seamless….

April 16, 2020 Read more

PharmaChoice Canada announces a new digital patient education platform via strategic partnership with iMD Health.

April 3, 2020 – Saskatoon, SK During these difficult pandemic times, the need for trusted information on COVID-19, in addition to many other health conditions, in a digital format has never been greater.  Pharmacists and doctors are moving at a rapid rate to conduct virtual healthcare in order to minimize risks. PharmaChoice Canada announced today…

April 3, 2020 Read more