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Biweekly Update From iMD

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. Educate your patients about the importance of their mental health!  It is extremely important to remind your patients to take care of their mind just as much as they would take care of their body. The mental health crisis is on the rise, and now more than ever, your patients are at risk of…

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Introducing iMD’s New Partner – St. Joseph’s Care Group

Improved access to digital health resources through partnership between St. Joseph’s Care Group and iMD Health Global Thunder Bay, Ontario – St. Joseph’s Care Group (SJCG) and iMD Health are partnering to make it easier for clients, families, and staff to find up-to-date resources and information on a wide and constantly growing range of healthcare topics. …

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iMD Health is Pleased to Announce an Important Partnership Renewal with Apobiologix

Industry leading digital oncology platform extends important partnership, as pandemic fuels the surge for trusted education April 19, 2021 – Toronto, Ontario iMD Health Global (a CloudMD Software & Services company) (iMD) is pleased to announce an important partnership renewal with Apobiologix, Canada’s leader in Oncology biosimilars – to provide a unique, comprehensive digital platform…

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4 ways to improve your mental health when things get tough

This article was written in partnership with The Georgia Straight. For information on other illnesses and ailments, visit the Health Kiosk on the Straight’s website.  As we pass the one-year mark since the pandemic began, issues like Zoom burnout, work-from-home fatigue, and loneliness have been taking a toll on many people. While the COVID-19 vaccine rollout has provided us with…

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Biweekly iMD Update: iMD has added a Health and Wellness Library to our platform!

Actively pursuing activities, making  lifestyle changes, controlling harmful risk factors,  having a balanced diet, and following spiritual practices lead to improved health and wellness outcomes. iMD now features a dedicated health and wellness library of over 2,100 patient friendly pamphlets, diagrams, and videos for your patients.  Our platform offers patient-friendly materials from over 70 organizations including The Mayo Clinic, Dieticians of Canada, Robbie’s Rainbow, ReThink Breast…

March 26, 2021 Read more