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IMD’s email feature extends your patient’s care beyond your clinic and consultations

Research shows that patients remember only 20% of what their HCP tells them, and only remember 10% of that correctly…

IMD consolidates patient-friendly resources from 100+ of North America’s leading health associations, and our email feature extends your patient’s care beyond your clinic and consultations! Healthcare professionals can incorporate IMD’s media-rich content as a visual and auditory learning tool for patients, and send the resources to patients, family members or caregivers post-consultation! 

For optimal treatment outcomes, patient engagement must extend beyond the clinic. Send your patients health and treatment resources for review any time, any place with IMD Health.

Here is how to use this exclusive feature:


170 conditions and procedures have received updates on the IMD platform! These conditions and procedures include Spinal Cord Injury, Coronavirus disease 2019, Gallbladder Cancer.