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Designed for healthcare professionals at every level of care to better engage, inform and educate patients about their conditions and treatment plans. Featuring trusted resources from over 100+ health associations & the Mayo Clinic.


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What they're saying

I am very grateful for having IMD available to educate my patients.

Dr. A.M. Page, of Calgary, Alberta recommends iMD Health

Dr. A.M. Page

IMD has created a versatile and easy-to-use platform that provides me with reliable information I can use to counsel patients... I am always up to date, all in one location.

Dr. M. Alexander of Niagara Falls, Ontario recommends iMD Health

Dr. M. Alexander

We really appreciate the IMD Health system. Patients love it as well. Lots of information and it is constantly being updated. I use it every day, with every patient.

Dr. H. Fraser, of Bridgewater, Nova Scotia recommends iMD Health

Dr. H. Fraser

This is the coolest thing I have ever seen in the industry.

Dr. N. Chiba recommends iMD Health

Dr. N. Chiba

Improving patient engagement at every level of care

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