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Kevin Delano, President and CEO of iMD Health

Kevin R. Delano

President & CEO

Kevin is a graduate of Dalhousie University, B.Comm (Marketing / Management). A proud Maritimer, married and has three children. Responsible for the overall direction of the company globally. Kevin has a strong entrepreneurial background, having created / co-founded a number of businesses in the sales & marketing disciplines.

Prior Kevin founding iMD Health in 2010, he was the Chief Marketing Officer, Member of the Board and an originating partner at CIM (Consumer Impact Marketing). CIM started with a handful of people in 1994, and before being acquired by Mosaic Sales Solutions in 2012, grew to over 3,000 employees across North America. CIM was the largest outsourced sales & marketing agency in Canada and was ‘one of Canada’s 50 BEST Managed Companies’ for 12 years running. Also, from 2008 – 2012, CIM was rated as one of the TOP 50 BEST workplaces in Canada.

Kevin also founded:

  • 1994, co-founded CIM (Consumer Impact marketing)
  • 2005, founded LAUNCH! Brand Marketing (www.launchthis.com). LAUNCH! Specializes in marketing services, and was a significant partner to CIM. Proudly ranked on the Profit Top 100 companies. After 5 years in operation, CIM acquired LAUNCH! then sold to Mosaic in 2012.
  • 2010, founded iMD Health Global Corp. (www.imdhealth.com)
  • 2016, founded and currently a Board Member at Karma Casting Inc. (www.karmacasting.com), an app based platform for the gig based economy/ brand ambassadors.
  • 2018, co-founded Sootsoap Supply Co (www.sootsoap.ca) to bring innovative, all natural solutions to firefighters and their families to help them in decontamination
  • 2019, co-founded Airntell Aerospace Inc. (www.airntell.com) , an innovative aerospace company focused on autonomous flight, in the search & rescue industry.

Over the past 30 years, Kevin is a proven serial entrepreneur with expertise in; innovation, corporate structure, leadership and operations, complimenting his skills in sales & marketing: management of over 70+ different National & International Sales Forces (clients such as: Quaker, Microsoft, Cadbury, Wrigley, Heinz, Blackberry, Olympus, Abbott, Disney…); and intimately involved with 50+ National Marketing programs (with brands like: Xbox, Pepsi, Gatorade, Telus, J&J, Labatt…), have recruited, trained and managed over 4,000 employees for his companies.