Why use iMD

For Healthcare Manufacturers?


    iMD provides manufacturers with the opportunity connect their product with targeted healthcare professionals and patient groups “At The Point of Care” ™ where treatment plans are being discussed


    Through the implementation of broad-based awareness tactics and targeted patient and professional programs across our network, iMD delivers a unique opportunity to build brand equity, enhance satisfaction and support adherence initiatives.


    iMD works with sales and marketing teams to develop customized programs aimed at expanding iMD’s network to strategic geographic and specialty channel locations.


    The iMD health network connects the disconnected. From the exam room into the home. From the home into the pharmacy. From specialized treatment locations into customized patient communities. iMD connects!


    Generating insights through iMD’s market research platform enables marketers to develop value added tools and resources customized to meet the needs of targeted patients and professionals.


    Through the development and distribution of customized applications and resources, product manufacturers are positioned to reinforce their status as leaders in patient-centric care and digital innovation.

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The Value of iMD to Brand Manufacturers (Video)

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