Why use iMD

For Healthcare Professionals?


    A picture is worth a thousand words. By visually explaining health matters to patients, you can avoid the difficulty of having to verbally communicate complex condition related information to them.


    Research tells us that when a patient understands their medical condition they’re more likely to adhere to their treatment plan and make the necessary lifestyle changes.


    Now that you’re more efficient and saving time by using iMD, you can see more patients! If you wish, you can also fill out market research surveys on our platform and receive an honorarium for your effort.


    The iMD system has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from patients. They greatly appreciate the visual learning experience and acknowledge a deeper sense of engagement from their HCP.


    Now you can replace your paper based patient education material with digital content. You don’t even need to print out iMD’s content for patients. Just email it directly to them so they can view it at home.


    We provide the hardware and unlimited software upgrades to ensure your iMD system is always optimized. You’ll also be able to use your own device with out soon-to-launch web portal.

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Benefits of the iMD Platform

1000+ Digital Images

Covering over 700 common conditions, procedures, and anatomical areas. 

Patient Education Resources

Professionally-vetted documents and video resources from 50+ Canadian health partners.

Optimized Patient Flow

Designed to make the time you spend with your patients as efficient and effective as possible.

Make Complex Topics Easy to Understand

iMD Health leverages visuals to help make complex topics easy to understand and provides you with flexibility to educate in a manner you are used to. 

Email Information Home

Patients tend to forget what was discussed with them during the consultation. iMD allows you to send the information to them via email to review post-visit.

Guide them on their Recovery Journey

Point patients in the right direction when they seek the information they need.






Host my Own Information

As part of a head office program, you have the opportunity to white label the platform, plus, upload your own branded. 

Service Integrations

iMD integrates with a variety of 3rd party services (including dispensaries), to provide the most up-to-date information and optimization of work flow.

Be Online, Effortlessly

Using iMD as your education platform inside your pharmacy, you can virtually extend your patient care digitally via email.

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