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Easy, Effective Patient Engagement

Improve the Patient Engagement Strategies of your clinic, hospital, long term care facility or Patient Support Program, with IMD Health.

Bring your consultations to life with thousands of patient-friendly resources

IMD Health covers 5,600+ medical topics with over 110,000 patient-friendly images, videos and brochures provided by trusted national health organizations and the world-renowned Mayo Clinic. Save time searching for these resources—we’ve got them all in one place! You’ll never run out of supply, and the latest digital version will always be available.

Improve patient understanding & treatment compliance

Studies show that visual resources make it easier for patients to understand complex health information. Show your patients what they need to know with IMD Health’s library of images, diagrams, videos and more. Plus, send resources home with patients via secure email for further review.


Easy to learn and use. No installations required

IMD Health is accessible on any device with an internet connection. A user-friendly interface and organization of resources by medical topic make it easy to find exactly what you need. Shortcut your most frequented topics and resources to your home screen!

Expand your brand

The IMD Health platform is fully customizable, enabling you to make the IMD Health experience unique to your organization. Custom welcome pages, institutional branding placement and hosting your existing educational materials within the platform are a few of the ways IMD Health expands your reach.

Standardize your flow/delivery

IMD Health enables you to standardize the flow of patient education across teams of practitioners and institutional departments and site locations. Ensure your educators deliver the same pathways of information to every patient with custom educational content flows.

Measure your ROI

All aspects of the IMD Health platform are measured. See how the platform is utilized in your institution, including which medical topics and resources are reviewed and sent home with patients. All data is protected, confidential and can be customized to meet your needs.

Trusted by healthcare practitioners

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