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Join over 80 trusted health organizations making their resources available direct to the healthcare providers and patients who need them most, via IMD Health.

Leading digital library of health information for healthcare professionals and patients

IMD Health covers 5,600+ medical conditions with patient education resources from over 80 trusted health associations, government health organizations and the world-renowned Mayo Clinic. Establish your association’s presence on the platform to join in the conversation between HCP’s and their patients.

Reach key audiences in the healthcare space

IMD Health delivers your resources and messaging to the HCP’s and patients who need them most. IMD Health is present in over 1,000 pharmacy stores, 225 infusion clinics, 2,500+ physician clinics, home care teams, long term care facilities and in hospitals (exam room and patient bedside).


Keep your association’s cause top of mind

IMD Health enables your association to raise awareness for your cause or campaign (ie. Awareness months, donation drives, etc.) among those who care most, by providing direct messaging channels to a variety of HCP’s and patients, in clinic and home settings.

Increase awareness with value-added resources

Ensure your association is present during HCP-patient conversations about relevant health conditions by hosting your educational resources, such as patient brochures or videos, on IMD Health. Digital resources will never run out, and can be emailed home with patients.

Measure your ROI

IMD Health’s dashboard reporting tells you exactly how your resources are being used on the platform. See firsthand which types of HCP’s and patients are accessing your content, and how it’s being used.

You’re in good company

With more than 80 Healthcare organizations, including:


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