Why use iMD

For Healthcare Associations?


    With a touch of the screen, iMD provides a cost effective option for Health Associations to deliver updated resource materials faster! From clinical resources, guidelines to consumer publications and digital tool kits. iMD provides the right information to the right patient at the right time digitally…saving significant costs on printing and mailing.


    Through the implementation of broad-based awareness tactics and targeted patient and professional programs across our network, iMD delivers a unique opportunity for Associations to promote strategic health education initiatives, while building deeper relationships with Professionals and their patients.


    iMD works with Health Associations to distribute valuable health management programs and Association information (i.e.: education materials, assessment tools, guidelines, surveys, referral networks, fundraising campaigns, conference awareness, etc.), engaging both Professionals and their patients At The Point of Care ™.


    The iMD system has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from patients. They greatly appreciate the visual learning experience and acknowledge a deeper sense of engagement from their HCP.


    iMD provides Health Associations with the opportunity connect their cause and patient support resources with targeted healthcare professionals and patient groups At The Point of Care™ where treatment plans are being discussed.

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