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Mission Statement

“Creating happier, healthier, better informed patients by equipping healthcare stakeholders with the information they need when and where they need it.”

IMD Health is dedicated to improving patient engagement, treatment adherence, and health outcomes by providing digital healthcare solutions at each stage of the patient journey, at every level of care.

Founded in 2010 in Toronto, Canada, IMD Health began as a national network of touchscreen educational devices used in doctors’ offices and in clinic and hospital settings.

Today, the IMD Health Patient Engagement Platform is Canada’s largest online library of patient resources and health information provided by over 100 trusted health organizations and the world-renowned Mayo Clinic.

The platform is used by thousands of healthcare providers and their patients across the country and is available in a variety of formats; from web portals to in-clinic kiosks to tablet-based applications.

Our fully customizable platform enables us to offer digital health solutions to healthcare institutions, healthcare product and service providers, and health content providers.

IMD Health is currently expanding into global healthcare markets.

If you are interested in learning more about partnership and/or integration opportunities, contact us at info@imdhealth.com.