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Mental Health America and IMD Health Announce Partnership to Improve Quality of Patient Education

Mental Health America is pleased to announce a new partnership with IMD Health. IMD Health is one of the largest digital health education platforms in North America, offering innovative technology that facilitates meaningful dialogue between healthcare professionals and patients inside the examination room, at hospital bedsides and pharmacies, and during virtual consultations. IMD’s award-winning platform enables healthcare professionals to instantly access over 110,000 educational graphics, videos and other informative resources spanning 6,000+ health topics.

IMD Health curates medical content from over 100 non-profit health organizations and pharmaceutical manufacturers, and puts them at the fingertips of healthcare professionals via one easy-to-use tool. Content is securely emailed to patients for later review, increasing patient understanding of their condition and treatment plan, and ultimately improving their health outcomes. In addition to this, they host thousands of doctor-facing resources, including information about medications, clinical practice guidelines, and culturally sensitive care.

A wide selection of Mental Health America content is now freely available on IMD Health. This means that IMD’s established healthcare provider network can send patients home with resource packages containing trusted information on mental health disorders, caregiving, helping others, as well as mental health supports for women, youth, BIPOC and LGBTQ+ individuals.

Patients can self-educate and become active participants in their care with IMD’s patient site. Here, you can access medically vetted, reliable, and engaging resources from 100+ health associations, including Merck Manuals, Stand with Trans, the Allergy & Asthma Network and more!

To learn more about IMD Health, go to imdhealth.com.

Are you a patient organization? Are you interested in getting your content on IMD? Reach out to alice.haidau@imdhealth.com.