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Educate your patients with reliable resources from IMD’s partner Merck Manuals

We would like to highlight one of our partners that helps us to provide clinical decision support and patient education content: Merck Manuals. As a free resource, Merck Manual’s mission is to provide accurate, accessible and usable medical information. The Manuals are the product of a collaboration between hundreds of medical experts worldwide, an independent editorial board of peer reviewers, and an editorial staff of physicians and professional medical writers to ensure accurate and reliable medical information.

The Manuals are available in 13 languages, including English and French. They feature clinical decision support and patient education content, as well as sections dedicated to easy-to-read health and wellness information. Their new Healthy Living page features health and wellness content, and their Quick Facts page provides short, clear answers to health questions to help patients and caregivers make more informed health care decisions.
To explore the Manuals content and better understand your health, visit MerckManuals.com today.

170 conditions and procedures have received updates on the IMD platform! These conditions and procedures include Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), Ankylosing Spondylitis and Raynaud’s Disease. Check it out!