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Help keep your patients safe and healthy this spring with resources from IMD!

Happy spring! While this time of the year generally brings much for your patients and yourself to smile about, it can also result in some health difficulties that need to be properly managed. For example, seasonal allergies are a common complaint during the spring months, and many people want to know how to manage them better or how to tell them apart from a cold. 

Luckily, the IMD Health Patient Engagement Platform has got you covered! We have personally hand-picked several resources for your patients that are focused on relevant springtime health topics such as seasonal allergies, Lyme disease, and flooding. With materials from respected health organizations like the Global Allergies and Airways Patient PlatformAerobiology, and Migraine Canada, you can be sure that your patients will have access to a wealth of informative and timely resources.


View this month’s updated content! 170 conditions and procedures have received updates on the IMD platform! These conditions and procedures include Exercise-induced Asthma, Coronavirus disease and Breast Cancer.