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Help your patients start the new year off right with healthy resolutions!

It’s never too late for your patients to make a new year’s resolution! New years resolutions can be an important tool for self-improvement and are especially important when they’re health related. Common resolutions, like exercising more or getting better sleep, can promote significant change and result in positive health outcomes when properly followed. That’s why we want to help you encourage your patients to stick with their health goals for 2022.

The IMD Health Patient Engagement Platform has resources that can aid with almost any health- or wellness-related resolution, whether it’s quitting smoking, eating healthier, or improving one’s mental health. With content from reputable organizations like the Canadian Cancer SocietyHealth Canada, and the Canadian Digestive Health Foundation, you can be sure that your patients have the tools they need to reach their goals. To maximize convenience and make the learning process as simple as possible, we have created pages related to the most common resolutions, with each providing a step-by-step guide to reaching a specific goal.



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170 conditions and procedures have received updates on the IMD platform including COVID-19, Brain Tumour and Leukemia.