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IMD Health is pleased to announce our technology integration with Re:Function Health Group Inc.

Re:Function and IMD Health Global integrate to provide curated workflows and health information into the hands of physiotherapists, their patients and family members

January 11, 2022

Re:Function Health Group and IMD Health Global have integrated technologies to enable Re:Function’s allied health professionals to augment their clients’ rehabilitation with in-depth patient education.  Both Re:Function and IMD are CloudMD companies, and as part of its holistic offering,  both companies are leveraging complementary capabilities that provides better care for patients.

Re:Function Health Group is a leading provider of allied health services in British Columbia.  With 8 clinics and over 40 clinicians, Re:Function serves 1,600+ clients annually.

IMD Health is Canada’s largest digital patient education platform that brings together content on more than 5,600 medical topics (anatomy, conditions and procedures) in a simple-to-use format with over 110,000 resources in a variety of media rich formats including articles, images, infographics and short videos.  Content is customized to audience, so healthcare professionals or patients can learn more about an illness, treatment, and rehabilitation.

“Patient education is a key component to how we operate. We use many different tools such as anatomy models, apps, and more recently, the IMD Health education platform” said Rose Igonia, Consultant Kinesiologist at Re: Function. “Access to credible, reliable, digital health information is fundamental to a client’s rehabilitation journey. We are excited to augment our rehabilitation experience with IMD’s education technology to empower our clients with circle of care access to world class material.”

“We are thrilled to collaborate with Re:Function!  This provides an expansion opportunity for IMD into the allied health market, supporting; Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, and  Kinesiologists, etc.,” said Kevin Delano, President, IMD Health. “We have added specific educational resources and have built customized content modules focused on rehabilitation, to best serve the clinicians and their clients at Re:Function. This is another example of how IMD is expanding into many facets of patient education in the health care landscape.”


About Re:Function

Re:Function Health Group is an established BC firm with 5 clinics in the Lower Mainland, 2 clinics on Vancouver Island and 1 clinic in the Okanagan. They provide functional capacity evaluations, cognitive capacity evaluations, vocational consulting (return to work planning, ergonomics, and job demands analyses), occupational rehabilitation, and community health services (OT, PT, and Counselling) to employers, WSBC, ICBC, LTD carriers, the provincial Work BC network, lawyers, and the public.  Re:Function is a subsidiary of CloudMD Software & Services (TSXV: DOC).

For more information, contact Re:Function info@refunction.ca or by visiting  www.refunction.ca


About IMD Health Global

IMD Health Global is a Toronto-based eHealth software development company, focused on innovating healthcare education.  Since 2010, IMD has grown into Canada’s, and one of North America’s, largest digital patient engagement platform.  Centred “At The Point of Care” ®, healthcare professionals use IMD’s cloud-based platform (in clinic or virtual consults) to engage with their patients at a deeper level and optimize knowledge transfer surrounding a patient’s condition and treatment plan. This is done through the seamless integration of over 110,000 images, booklets, and video resources, (covering over 5,600 health topics) into an award-winning user interface that makes patient education both efficient and effective. At the end of a patient’s consult, a summary of all the discussed information can be emailed to the patient to review and continue their learning journey at home, improving their health literacy and adherence to their treatment plan. The IMD platform is utilized by over 14,300 clinicians in; clinics, hospitals, pharmacies, infusion clinics, homecare and rehabilitation clinics.  For more information please visit: www.IMDhealth.com and https://app.IMDhealth.com      IMD Health is a subsidiary of CloudMD Software & Services (TSXV: DOC).

For more information, contact Jared Sonnenberg, VP   jared.sonnenberg@IMDhealth.com

About CloudMD Software & Services

CloudMD is transforming the delivery of healthcare using technology and by providing a patient-centric approach, with an emphasis on continuity of care. By leveraging healthcare technology, the Company is building one, connected platform that addresses all points of a patient’s healthcare journey and provides better access to care and improved outcomes. Through CloudMD’s proprietary technology, the Company delivers quality healthcare through a holistic offering including hybrid primary care clinics, specialist care, telemedicine, mental health support, healthcare navigation, educational resources, and artificial intelligence (AI). CloudMD’s Enterprise Health Solutions Division includes the leading Student Assistance Program and one of the top 4 Employee Assistance Programs in Canada and offers one comprehensive, digitally connected platform for educational institutions, corporations, insurers, and advisors to better manage the health and wellness of their students, employees, and customers.

CloudMD currently services a combined ecosystem of over 7,000 psychiatrists, approximately 4,500 therapists and counsellors, approximately 4,000 psychologists, over 22,000 family physicians, over 34,000 medical specialists, over 1,500 allied health professionals, over 500 clinics, and over 5 million individuals across North America. For more information visit: https://investors.cloudmd.ca