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IMD Update: Promoting Healthy Living to Kids Going Back to School​!

Educating children about healthy habits is especially important for their time away from home, at summer camp, and at school. Through gaining a better understanding of different health conditions and healthy behaviours, kids will have the wellness tools they need to succeed.

The IMD Health Patient Engagement Platform provides resources from reputable health associations like Caring for Kids (from the Canadian Paediatric Society), Robbie’s Rainbow, and Vaccines411, to engage, inform, and educate parents about health risks and disease management for young children and teens as they prepare to go back to school. Our ‘Youth Health’ topic includes resources on health conditions & treatments, mental health, nutrition, physical activity, and immunizations, to keep kids in perfect shape as they get ready to return to school.



170 conditions and procedures have received updates on the IMD platform! These conditions and procedures include Brain Tumors, Prostate Cancer and Family Therapy.