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Let’s Get Vaccinated! COVID-19 Vaccine Education with IMD Health

​IMD Health offers COVID-19 vaccine resources to help ease vaccine hesitancy

With COVID-19 vaccinations being the central focus of pharmacies worldwide, healthcare practitioners are looking for ways to maximize the value of their short interactions with patients. Patients need quick access to vaccine-specific, age-specific, multilingual resources, and clinicians as well as pharmacists need this delivery to be seamless.

The IMD Health Patient Engagement Platform offers resources on COVID-19 vaccinations from trusted sources like Immunize Canada and the Public Health Agency of Canada, to better engage and educate patients about vaccines – from aftercare and FAQs, to scientific mechanisms and safety. Help your patients better understand the importance of getting vaccinated with IMD. VIEW NOW

IMD’s Resources for Pharmacists section contains injection guides, pain management resources, and information on COVID-19 in the context of other common conditions, like cardiovascular disease and diabetes. VIEW NOW

170 conditions and procedures have received updates on the IMD platform! These conditions and procedures include Prostate Cancer, Migraine and Breast Cysts.