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IMD Update: What your patients don’t know about sun protection CAN hurt them!

According to IMD’s partner Melanoma Network of Canada, Melanoma is the 7th most commonly diagnosed cancer in Canada, but most cases are preventable. As the summer sun heats up and your patients are spending more time outside, it’s time to educate them on the importance of protecting their skin from harmful exposure to UV rays! 

The IMD Health Patient Engagement Platform offers a variety of fantastic resources from trusted health associations including Melanoma Network of Canada & Canadian Cancer Society to better engage, inform and educate patients about sun safety and protection.

YOU are the most valuable source of health information for your patients, so take advantage and give them the best education. Informing your patient’s on proper skin protection is the best thing you can do for their skin’s health today — and slow down the effects of aging tomorrow.

170 conditions and procedures have received updates on the IMD platform! These conditions and procedures include Sun Allergy, Heat Rash and Prostate Cancer.