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Biweekly iMD Update: iMD has added a Health and Wellness Library to our platform!

Actively pursuing activities, making  lifestyle changes, controlling harmful risk factors,  having a balanced diet, and following spiritual practices lead to improved health and wellness outcomes. iMD now features a dedicated health and wellness library of over 2,100 patient friendly pamphlets, diagrams, and videos for your patients.

 Our platform offers patient-friendly materials from over 70 organizations including The Mayo ClinicDieticians of Canada, Robbie’s Rainbow, ReThink Breast Cancer, Health Canada and Healthy Grains Institute to assist healthcare professionals on informing patients and engaging them in taking charge of their health and wellness.

Click here to check it out! https://bit.ly/3d8yxIb & https://bit.ly/3w4SSH1


170 conditions and procedures have received updates on the iMD platform! These conditions and procedures include Corona Virus Disease, Female Infertility and Diabetes Insipidus.