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Biweekly iMD Update: Diagnose At Home Partnership


iMD is pleased to introduce our newest content partner, Diagnose at Home. Diagnose at Home provides individuals across North America with a more efficient and empowering way to manage their health. Their mandate to increase healthcare accessibility across North America is centred on providing consumers a centralized online portal to access virtual doctors’ appointments and an extensive range of at-home medical diagnostic kits.

iMD Health provides patients with materials when they purchase a Stool Analysis Kit from Diagnose at Home. These materials helps patients better understand potential related conditions or symptoms and inform them about how the test works and what it will look for. 

Diagnose at Home provides end-to-End healthcare solutions keeping the patient at home with:

1. Easy at-home health testing

2. Consultations with medical doctors

3. Access to top healthcare professionals 

4. Total full-service healthcare on your schedule

Also new this month – 170 conditions and procedures have received updates on the iMD platform! These include Breast Cancer, Lung Cancer and Pregnancy Guide: Your pregnancy.