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Introducing our new partner Factually Health!

iMD is pleased to introduce our newest content partner, Factually Health. Factually Health builds AI technology to score the credibility of online health information. Their AI-driven COVID-19 misinformation busting tool will be a great addition to iMD’s platform which is the largest, vetted and trusted medical information library in Canada.

Factually Health provides health credibility at your finger tips.


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Cardiol Therapeutics – has launched CortalexTM, the first THC free pharmaceutically produced cannabidiol in Canada and is partnered with iMD to bring you the newly available healthcare professional and patient infromation. Click here to learn more.

Please provide us with your feedback on the current and future impact of Pharmacogenetics for your patients by taking a short 5-minute survey. Click here to take the Inagene survey.

Janssen has updated their patient and healthcare professional content across Rheumatology conditions (Ankylosing Spondylitis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Psoriatic Arthritis). Click here to view now.


170 conditions and procedures have received updates on the iMD platform! These conditions and procedures include:

Cholestastis of Pregnancy

Heart Valve Disease

Liver Disease