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Tia and iMD Health team up for patient education

This article was published in the Canadian Healthcare Technology magazine on 13/05/2020. https://www.canhealth.com/2020/05/13/tia-and-imd-health-team-up-for-patient-education/

TORONTO – Tia Health officially announced a partnership with iMD Health to enhance the patient telemedicine experience through virtual education. Tia Health is an interface enabling Canadians to obtain virtual visits with clinicians, while iMD Health is an educational platform with access to the largest vetted and trusted medical information library in Canada.

According to iMD Health, 83 percent of adults in Canada use the internet to self-diagnose a symptom, but a mere 3 percent of those findings were accurate. Because of this, 47 percent of patients reported feeling anxious.

After finally receiving proper medical attention, patients tend to forget 80 percent of what is discussed with their healthcare provider (HCP). For this reason, Tia Health’s integration with iMD Health is more important now than ever. During a pandemic, not only is it dangerous to be misinformed, it can cause unnecessary stress and confusion.

“With the pandemic continuing across the globe, there was an immediate shift in digital tools,” said Kevin Delano, president and CEO of iMD Health. “We are excited to partner with Tia Health in order to provide Canadians with better access to medical information in a time when it is crucial to be properly informed.”

Tia Health’s integration with iMD Health will provide their patients with simplified resources for further review and understanding. This partnership will grant practitioners on Tia Health access to 80,000 patient-friendly images, booklets, fact sheets, and videos in multiple languages.

“There are tons of studies that show the impact a better engaged and informed patient has on treatment compliance and cost savings to the healthcare system as a whole,” said Jared Sonnenberg, vice president of iMD Health. “The biggest hurdles for the healthcare system are lack of time and lack of trusted materials. We believe this partnership satisfies both those concerns.”

“During this unprecedented time, Tia Health is committed to providing our users with the best care possible,” said Matthew Mazzuca (pictured), CEO of Tia Health. “This partnership will allow us to better service Canadians and prevent them from inaccurately self-diagnosing.”

iMD Health offers added value to Tia Health’s virtual care platform by engaging both the HCPs and patients at several touch-points during the virtual call journey.

Prior to the appointment, patients will now be sent “pre-read materials” based on a series of prompts that are then shared with their doctor. During the appointment, doctors are able to share their screen and walk through diagrams and visuals to enhance the patient’s experience and better their understanding.

After the appointment is over, patients are emailed a digital “receipt” of all the resources used for later review. Subsequently, HCPs will have a summary of all the materials discussed sent directly to their EMR notes.

“There is no shortage of virtual care platforms on the market today, but the majority of platforms focus solely on providing a secure connection between the healthcare provider and the patient,” said Jared Sonnenberg, Vice President of iMD Health. “With iMD integrated into Tia Health’s platform, HCPs now have the opportunity to leverage the power of iMD’s Patient Engagement Platform during their appointments. Users will be provided with relevant, high-value education materials before and after their consultations in a completely automated manner, making the process seamless and effective.

“We believe telehealth will have an ever-increasing presence in the Canadian healthcare landscape. We recognize Tia Health’s platform as a leading provider of this service and love the way they consistently innovate the traditional Telehealth model.”

About Tia Health Inc.
Tia Health is a leading telemedicine platform changing the way healthcare is provided in Canada. Through the Tia Health platform, Canadians are able to receive high-quality medical care from anywhere, on any device. Patients can connect with Canadian licensed doctors through video chat and phone consultations and receive medical advice, referrals, requisitions, prescriptions, and more, right from the comfort of their home. For more information, please visit Tia health at https://tiahealth.com.

About iMD Health Global
iMD Health Global is a Toronto-based ehealth software development company, focused on innovating healthcare education. Since 2010, iMD has grown into Canada’s largest digital patient engagement platform. Centered “At The Point of Care”, healthcare professionals use iMD’s cloud-based platform (in clinic or virtual consults) to engage with their patients at a deeper level and optimize knowledge transfer surrounding a patient’s condition and treatment plan. This is done through the seamless integration of over 80,000 images, booklets, and video resources (covering 2,100 medical topics) into an award-winning user interface that makes patient education both efficient and effective. At the end of a patient’s consult, a summary of all the discussed information can be emailed to the patient to review and continue their learning journey at home, improving their health literacy and adherence to their treatment plan. The iMD Platform is utilized by doctors, nurses and pharmacists in clinics, hospitals, pharmacies, infusion clinics and home care settings. For more information, please visit www.imdhealth.com and https://app.imdhealth.com.