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TeleSense partners with iMD Health Global

This article was published in the Canadian Healthcare Technology magazine on 10/06/2020. https://www.canhealth.com/2020/06/10/telesense-partners-with-imd-health-global/

THORNHILL, ON – TeleSense Canada is partnering with iMD Health Global to make patient education available in its virtual clinical environment. iMD Health’s wealth of resources covering thousands of medical topics is the perfect complement to TeleSense Canada’s telemedicine platform. This partnership is imperative for the health and wellbeing of Canadians, who desperately need a dependable source of medical information.

The consumer platform from TeleSense Canada allows Canadians to set up their own personal clinic at home, complete with a blood pressure unit, thermometer, pulse oximeter (SPO2), glucometer and scale. These devices are all high-quality, contributing to an accurate diagnosis.

Patients communicate with their healthcare provider via user-friendly video conferencing connected to the internet. TeleSense Canada gives healthcare providers the ability to integrate their electronic health records with the platform. Healthcare providers can also consult directly with a medical specialist if the situation calls for it. This further improves their ability to give the patient a comprehensive medical examination without requiring the patient to leave their home.

Healthcare providers can use iMD’s cloud-based platform to engage with their patients and effectively convey medical information to them. iMD provides more than 80,000 patient-friendly images, booklets and video resources covering 2,100 medical topics that play a key role in facilitating this communication.

iMD features trusted resources from over 60 health associations and the Mayo Clinic. Patients can search for conditions and treatments using Canada’s largest library of reliable, trustworthy and up-to-date health information. The award-winning interface also allows healthcare providers to email a summary of the information discussed to the patient to review at leisure after the appointment.

“We are excited about our new partnership with TeleSense Canada, giving their doctors and patients access to trusted resources, avoiding the need to search the internet which often leads to misinformation,” says Kevin Delano (pictured), president and CEO of iMD Health Global.

“We want to do everything in our power to share accurate, updated medical information with Canadians. Our partnership with iMD Health not only makes tens of thousands of online resources available to patients, but it also gives healthcare providers information that improves the level of care they provide. We are excited about the win-win situation this partnership offers to patients and healthcare providers alike,” said Michael Haddad, president and CEO.

About TeleSense Canada
TeleSense Canada is a leading telemedicine solution provider helping healthcare organizations, medical professionals and utilities and energy sector organizations benefit from next-generation technology. TeleSense Canada is committed to delivering high-quality technology and healthcare services by creating a digital health platform that can evolve and scale to address ongoing needs and demands. The company’s solutions empower pharmacies, businesses, medical professionals and healthcare organizations to take advantage of state-of-the-art telemedicine/telehealth technology. Learn more at https://www.telesense.ca.

About iMD Health Global
iMD Health Global is a Toronto-based eHealth software development company, focused on innovating healthcare education. Since 2010, iMD has grown into Canada’s largest digital patient engagement platform. Centered “At The Point of Care”®, healthcare professionals use iMD’s cloud-based platform (in clinic or virtual consults) to engage with their patients at a deeper level and optimize knowledge transfer surrounding a patient’s condition and treatment plan. This is done through the seamless integration of over 80,000 images, booklets and video resources (covering 2,100 medical topics) into an award-winning user interface that makes patient education both efficient and effective. At the end of a patient’s consultation, a summary of all the discussed information can be emailed to the patient to review and continue their learning journey at home, improving their health literacy and adherence to their treatment plan. The iMD platform is utilized by doctors, nurses and pharmacists in clinics, hospitals, pharmacies, infusion clinics and in-home care settings. Learn more at imdhealth.com and app.imdhealth.com.