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Reinventing the process: How you can leverage iMD for your branded and unbranded content

Every one of iMD’s 2,100+ medical topics follows a standard informational flow. 

Content can take various forms and is provided by non-profit patient organizations, the Mayo Clinic, Vigilance Santé, and brands like you.

We can customize the placement and flow of your content to ensure it is easily accessible to your key targets at critical points in their journey from diagnosis to treatment option discussions.  

iMD can also be used to support your field force for both eDetailing and dissemination of your branded content to your customers. 

Why is this relevant?

According to a recent study, access to disease and drug information are the 2 most important factors HCPs need from a medical website – iMD is able to deliver across all of they key areas of importance to your customers.

Case Study

Client A was looking to elevate awareness for a new vaccine option and increase reach to patients who would benefit from this vaccine. 



ROI metrics: 

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PS:  iMD continues to grows we can support your products in many health channels