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Digital technologies will drive future physician engagement

As we all continue to navigate through this new medical landscape. iMD Health is here to support you as you reassess your brand’s strategic and behavioural strategies.

The new norms:

More than 48% of HCPs are using telemedicine (virtual care) with 77% stating they will continue.

Sales forces have been grounded: The opportunity to get messaging to your HCP’s and patients is limited ONLY to virtual/digital.

While HCPs want their information from neutral sources, they are looking for resources for their patients.

  • 59% of HCPs prefer email
  • 74% of HCPs recommend patient websites

Many MSLs will need to utilize technology to provide most of the tools for identifying, communicating, maintaining, and developing their KOL relationships.

With all healthcare resources working at maximum capacities, and many using virtual care, we are striving to help our brand clients support your HCPs and patients via utilization of your existing branded materials.

iMD is currently integrating with more than a dozen virtual care/eHealth partners expanding our reach. Our unique approach and customization create new opportunities for getting your branded content into the hands of your key stakeholders providing access at all points in the patient healthcare journey. All content is email-enabled.