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Is your Patient Support Program Digital Enough?

During these difficult times, your patient support programs are providing an invaluable connection between patients, caregivers and their healthcare teams, and will remain invaluable post-crisis.

Developments in digital patient engagement are racing ahead, with 73% of healthcare professionals turning to digital resources to support their patients.  Patient support programs are moving from simple, one-way, education-oriented interactions into a dual focused means of driving content home to the patient with the ability to provide feedback to the HCP.

iMD and their partners are here to help.

iMD’s proprietary patient engagement solution means that patients are fully supported in their Patient Support Program (PSP) journey through iMD’s digital platform.

iMD offers the flexibility to deliver content to patients and caregivers at key PSP touchpoints throughout their treatment journey with oral, infused or injected therapies.

When you convert your PSP to digital, iMD will…

Facilitate the digital PSP process and communication with patients/care teams 

Provide a ‘white glove’ approach to servicing patients and caregivers, meeting individual patient needs

Provide complete educational opportunities to improve adherence

Implement a feedback mechanism to keep prescribing physicians in the loop

iMD captures key patient and caregiver insights that can help identify gaps in your program and can support strategic and tactical initiatives By tracking metrics and engagement with key stakeholders at each point in their journey, iMD helps support and ensure optimal patient outcomes.

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