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With almost 75% of Health Professionals being impacted by Covid-19, now is the time to be acting on shifting your focus from face-to-face opportunities with your customers to digital strategies that will continue to bring awareness and support for your brands.

iMD makes this switch easy

iMD Health can help to make this transition seamless. iMD is a key driver of digital opportunities for interaction with your customers, empowering them at every stage of the healthcare cycle and providing them with critical information on-demand. 

Act now:

To support this massive demand for digital:

  1. We are offering a MATCHING program for the balance of 2020; [i.e. you buy 3 months, we will match it and give you 6].
  2. Once we have your resources (brochures and/or videos) (branded and/or unbranded), we can have them published within 48 hours. 
  3. PAAB has made statements that you can easily use your approved assets for digital now to support the need for information

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