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PharmaChoice Canada announces a new digital patient education platform via strategic partnership with iMD Health.

April 3, 2020 – Saskatoon, SK

During these difficult pandemic times, the need for trusted information on COVID-19, in addition to many other health conditions, in a digital format has never been greater.  Pharmacists and doctors are moving at a rapid rate to conduct virtual healthcare in order to minimize risks.

PharmaChoice Canada announced today a strategic alliance with iMD Health Global that will help evolve digital communications between 2,000+ member pharmacists and their patients to improve their health education while reducing risk and increasing safety.  

iMD and PharmaChoice Canada have designed two platforms that are launching today! STAY ADVISED, Patient Health Platform.  All pharmacists in either the PharmaChoice or the RxHealthMed banner now have access to over 80,000 digital resources (images, video’s and documents) to facilitate education and understanding with their patients, all able to be emailed for further review and understanding. 

Stay Advised! Patient Health Portal(s)

“We believe the iMD platform will enhance how our pharmacists are supporting our patients during these difficult times, but also when we return to normalcy,” says Grady Brown, Co-CEO of PharmaChoice Canada, “quick and easy access to robust and visually appealing resources is now literally at the pharmacist’s fingertips.” 

“With the changing landscape of services our pharmacists can now deliver, coupled with the challenges of COVID-19, we needed a digital tool that will enable our team to capitalize on this service delivery,”  says Calvin LeRoux, Co-CEO of PharmaChoice.

“We are very excited about our new multi-year strategic partnership with PharmaChoice Canada.  We are bringing our industry leading library of trusted content from health associations, governments, MAYO Clinic, Vigilance Santé (drug database partner) and from many product manufacturers and making it available to all their pharmacists and patients,” says Kevin Delano, President and CEO of iMD Health Global.

About PharmaChoice, Canada

PharmaChoice Canada is Canada’s Fastest Growing Pharmacy. We exist to celebrate the independence of more than 800 locations across Canada, supporting local businesses in their communities. Each location is unique and tailored to the community it serves. With the support of the PharmaChoice Canada team, the independent owners and operators are united in a promise to always provide the best Advice for Lifewww.pharmachoice.com  www.rxhealthmed.ca

About iMD Health Global

iMD Health Global is a Toronto-based award-winning software development company, focused on innovating healthcare education.  Since 2010, iMD has grown its flagship product – app.imdhealth.com – into Canada’s largest digital patient education and engagement platform. Centred “At The Point of Care”®, healthcare professionals use iMD’s cloud-based platform (in clinic or virtual consults) to engage with their patients at a deeper level and optimize knowledge transfer surrounding a patient’s condition and treatment plan. This is done through the seamless integration of over 80,000 images, booklets, and video resources, (covering 2,100 medical topics) into an award-winning user interface that makes patient education both efficient and effective. At the end of a patient’s consult, a summary of all the discussed information can be emailed or printed for the patient to review and continue their learning journey at home, improving their health literacy and adherence to their treatment plan. The iMD platform is utilized in pharmacies, doctor’s clinic, hospitals, infusion clinics & homecare environments.  www.imdhealth.com

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