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Patients may not know they have mental health coverage

LinkMentalHealth helps patients navigate their insurance coverage and find affordable help

75% of people don’t know they have insurance to see a mental health therapist. It isn’t always apparent that in the same way health coverage includes prescription drugs, it can also include mental health services.

LinkMentalHealth has partnered with iMD Health to offer its therapist matching services to iMD’s users (doctors, pharmacists, nurses, allied health providers) and their patients.

iMD users can help their patients find a mental health therapist in minutes, not months, using the matching service.

How does it work? Via the iMD platform, a patient takes a brief survey that asks about the following in order to match patients with appropriate therapists:

After completing the survey, a custom list of therapists and/or therapy programs that best fit the patient’s needs and budget is generated. The patient can then learn more about their matches and instantly book appointments. All in just minutes.

iMD Health platform on a desktop computer, laptop and tablet. Displaying mental health resources.

Are you a Canadian healthcare provider interested in using LinkMentalHealth’s services with your patients? Create a free iMD Health account to get started.

Additional mental health resources are available on the iMD Health platform from Mayo Clinic and our health association partners: