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iMD Health launches new website showcasing well care capabilities


As iMD Health expands its patient education solutions globally and into the well care space, new corporate site shows off platform capabilities

Toronto, ON (August 26, 2019) – iMD Health Global has launched a new corporate website to showcase the flexibility of its Patient Engagement Platform, which provides patient education solutions not just within the traditional “sick care” environment, but also in the growing “well care” space, where there is increasing focus on healthy living and chronic care.

The new site arrives at an ideal time for iMD Health, as it expands globally into the United States and the Middle East.

“Traditional health systems were built around conditions that were much more acute and had cures. Now, we have more complex, chronic conditions that have no end in sight. For example, people can consider themselves healthy while also living with a chronic condition. Tools and resources are needed to help them manage their condition and overall health at home,” says Jared Sonnenberg, Vice President of Product and User Engagement.

“Additionally, people are now more than ever proactively seeking out trustworthy information to better their health before a trip to the doctor is needed. iMD has been evolving to address these needs; expanding beyond the point of care to additionally focus on all areas where patients engage with their health.”

Spectrum of health care including the traditional sick care continuum, and well care spaces that fall outside the traditional scope of health care.
iMD Health’s digital patient education solutions have evolved from the traditional sick care environment to the well and chronic/long-term care spaces.

The iMD Patient Engagement Platform began as a web-based tool for healthcare providers to visually educate patients during consultation using iMD’s library of 50,000+ health resources organized across 1,800 medical conditions and procedures. Studies have shown that patients are much more likely to remember important details from discussions about their health when visual resources such as images, diagrams and videos are used to help explain often-complex medical topics.

iMD is now Canada’s largest digital library of patient-friendly health resources sourced from its trusted partners including over 60 North American health associations (ie. Canadian Cancer Society, Diabetes Canada and The Lung Association) and the world-renowned Mayo Clinic.

The complete customization capabilities of the platform enabled a natural evolution into the well and chronic care spaces over the past year. iMD Health now offers a range of solutions including consumer portals, self-care kiosks, hospital bedside kiosks and Patient Support Programs.

To learn more about iMD Health, visit www.imdhealth.com.

Canadian healthcare providers can sign up to use iMD’s platform free at app.imdhealth.com/signup.

For more information, please contact:

Jared Sonnenberg, VP of Product & User Engagement