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Innovation & Excellence Award: Innovation in Healthcare Technology | Global 2019

May 17, 2019 – London, United Kingdom

The Corporate LiveWire team are pleased to announce the release of our much-anticipated Innovation and Excellence Awards 2019. Innovation stems from an excellent idea; one that changes the norm and benefits society in the process. Innovation is crucial in continuing the success of any organisation. Innovation should never go unnoticed or un-celebrated. That’s why the Corporate Livewire judging panel has come together to find the most note-worthy innovative businesses of 2019 and culminated them in their most recent publication.

This publication recognizes the best developers, projects, and services from around the world including professionals, organizations and other achievements in commercial and residential projects. The awards span all industries from science and technology, to engineering, design, healthcare and finance, highlighting the best-of-the-best within each.

iMD Health has received the Innovation and Excellence Award for Innovation in Healthcare Technology | Global 2019.

Andrew Walsh, Awards Director of the Innovation and Excellence Awards 2019 is extremely pleased to announce the publication’s release. He comments: “I have been extremely impressed with the level of innovation we have come across this year and I am excited to share it.  Innovation is an integral part of business that needs to be recognized – we have definitely accomplished that here”.

For the past year Corporate LiveWire has accepted nominations for those who have stood out in business.  The judging panel at Corporate LiveWire considered the strengths of each shortlisted candidate, setting its sights firmly on the most ground-breaking and firms, teams and individuals who have transformed the way in which they do business.

For more information on the awards please visit http://www.corporatelivewire.com/awards.html

About iMD Health Global
iMD Health Global is a Canadian-based award-winning software development company, focused on innovating within Canada’s healthcare space.  Since 2010, iMD has grown its flagship product – app.imdhealth.com – into Canada’s largest digital patient education and engagement platform. Centred “At The Point of Care”®, healthcare professionals use iMD’s cloud-based platform to engage with their patients at a deeper level and optimize knowledge transfer surrounding a patient’s condition and treatment plan. This is done through the seamless integration of over 50,000 patient-friendly diagram, booklet, and video resources (covering 1,800 medical topics) from over 60 of Canada’s leading Health Associations (as well as the MAYO Clinic) into an award-winning user interface that makes patient education both efficient and effective. At the end of a patient’s visit, a summary of all the discussed information can be emailed or printed for the patient to review and continue their learning journey at home, improving their health literacy and adherence to their treatment plan. The iMD Platform is accessed today by over 14,000 Users in the following healthcare settings: doctors’ clinic, hospitals, pharmacies, infusion clinics and homecare environments.      welcome.imdhealth.com

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Jared Sonnenberg, Vice-President    iMD Health Global    jared.sonnenberg@imdhealth.com