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2018 Recap: A Momentous Year for iMD

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iMD Health is fortunate to begin the new year with several exciting ventures on the horizon. However, 2018 was a momentous year for us as well! Here’s a look back at some of iMD’s achievements of the past year:
We grew our network by thousands of users

Over the year, we saw continued growth of our Cloud network thanks to partners like the Hospitality Network (with iMD Platform expansion onto Interactive Bedside Terminals (IBT’s) in over 25 Hospitals across Canada). Strategic partnerships like these have helped to put iMD into the hands of thousands of new HCPs, consumers and patients across the country.

We integrated a drug database providing awareness opportunities and fair balance across conditions

Thanks to our partnership with Canadian Drug Database Vigilance Santé, iMD now has complete and always up-to-date listings of Rx and OTC treatment options for every condition on the platform.

We integrated Mayo Clinic content across all medical topics on the iMD Platform

iMD’s working relationship with Mayo Clinic has seen the addition of over 50,000 patient-friendly resources across 1,800+ condition topics (that’s 1,000 new topics added!). Plus 10 new condition categories, including: Allergies, Bites & Stings, Headaches, Sex & Sexuality, and Substance Abuse.

We are now partnered with more than 65 Canadian health associations

In 2018 we continued to add to our health association partners by joining forces with Wellspring, LinkMentalHealth, and Rethink Breast Cancer.

We launched our new Patient Support Programs directly through iMD

We launched our first PSP on the Platform in 2018 and are excited to be able to offer customized solutions to patient engagement and treatment adherence.

As we begin the new year, the iMD network is poised to continue its expansion across the healthcare and consumer industries. Sarah Kroll, our newly appointed Vice President, Client Experience, leads the charge as we head into 2019 ready to capitalize on some key opportunities. Stay tuned for details of EMR integration and new consumer and patient facing initiatives!

If you would like more information about client opportunities, CLICK HERE to contact Sarah Kroll.

If you are a healthcare professional, CLICK HERE to sign up for your free iMD account.

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