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New Partnership Alert! iMD Partners with Innomar Strategies

Innomar Strategies, a leader in patient support services, and iMD Health, a leader in digital patient education platforms, are pleased to announce a strategic partnership. iMD’s patient engagement software platform will be used by InnomarClinics across Canada to help educate and train patients about their medication. This partnership will enhance the overall patient experience by enabling patients to improve their understanding of their medication.

“This partnership is very exciting,” said Kevin Delano, President & CEO of iMD Health Global. “By working with Innomar Strategies, we are providing thousands of patients with access to iMD which will impact their health literacy, give them a better understanding of their condition, and support disease and drug education.”

iMD solutions have been used across Canada by private practices, large medical centres, pharmacy stores, hospitals, and now within the most accessible footprint in Canada – infusion clinics. iMD delivers information directly to patients about their health and their patient support program. Content is delivered to patients through an iPad, and they can also email content home for further review.

“Partnering with iMD is another great example of how we are committed to connecting with the patient,” says Guy Payette, President, Innomar Strategies.  “It enhances what our Patient Support Programs already do, and now patients can receive that information during a critical step in their treatment journey.”

With the combination of industry leading infusion support and leading education, this new solution will be available across the InnomarClinics network, starting in May 2018.

About Innomar Strategies:

Innomar Strategies, a part of AmerisourceBergen, is the leading patient support provider in the Canadian specialty biopharmaceutical market. We deliver end-to-end commercialization solutions to improve product access, increase supply chain efficiency and enhance patient care. Strategic consulting, patient support programs, nursing and clinical services, and specialty pharmacy and logistics are just a few of our key areas of specialization. We partner closely with manufacturers, healthcare providers, pharmacies and payers to ensure patients have consistent and reliable access to specialty medication. With our integrated approach and commitment to best-in-class care, Innomar Strategies helps navigate the patient journey to optimize health outcomes. Visit us at www.innomar-strategies.com.

For more information about Innomar Strategies, please contact Alison Bing, Communications Manager at: abing@innomar-strategies.com

About iMD Health Global:

iMD Health Global is a Canadian-based healthcare software development company, headquartered in Toronto. Since 2010, iMD has grown into Canada’s largest and most innovative digital patient education platform. Winning many awards in Canada and on the global stage, iMD has arrived as the best-in-class solution. iMD offers its platform to healthcare professionals (Doctors, Nurses and Pharmacists) “At The Point of Care” ® (Clinic’s, Hospitals, Pharmacy’s and Home Healthcare). iMD is a cloud-based patient engagement platform that allows healthcare professionals to bring their patient session to life through seamless integration of professionally-vetted diagrams, brochures and videos covering over 1,500+ conditions, anatomical categories and treatment options. All content is print and email enabled to send home with patients as well. Use of visuals in consultation  increases patients’ level of understanding and retention – improving their adherence to treatment plans. Visit us at www.imdhealth.com.

For more information about iMD Health, please contact Jared Sonnenberg, Vice-President at:  jared.sonnenberg@imdhealth.com