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How iMD Can Help: Improve Your Consultations

Are you looking for ways to make time spent with patients more valuable, but not sure where to start?

iMD Health wants to help you improve your consultations by making the time you spend with patients more efficient and effective.

But how do we do that? And why is it important?

The iMD platform is an easy-to-use educational tool that houses all the information you’ll need to better educate your patients about their health.

We make it easier for you to talk to your patients about their medical conditions at each stage of the typical patient journey through the use of visual learning tools accessed directly from your tablet or smart device.

1000+ Digital Images

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where something just isn’t making sense, and you find yourself saying “I don’t get it. Show me!”

When you sign up for iMD’s free application you’ll gain access to thousands of professionally-vetted images, diagrams and infographics that you can use to visually explain medical conditions to your patients.

High quality anatomical images developed by in-house medical illustrators depict various medical conditions and procedures.

Walk your patient through the appearance and function of a healthy digestive tract by literally showing them what it should look like, with high quality images displayed on your device.

 Display anatomical images overlaid with condition information to show how Crohn’s disease affects the intestine.

 Explain a colonoscopy procedure by showing the patient a diagram of exactly how it works.

Information that might go in one ear and out the other when verbally communicated will make a greater impact when presented visually: complex medical information becomes accessible and comprehensible to the patient.

Patient Education Resources

Along with countless medical images, the iMD platform also gives you access to other educational resources including engaging videos, patient handouts and brochures, informational and reference documents.

These unbiased, up-to-date professional materials come directly from our 55+ trusted Canadian healthcare partners (eg. Canadian Cancer Society, Dermatology Association of Canada) and our database is always growing as iMD continues to add new partners.

Open a brochure from the Canadian Digestive Health Foundation that details an endoscopy procedure.

 Play a short video showing a patient how to conduct self-injections.

 Display an article from Moods Magazine that discusses anxiety disorders.

Organized in an easy to access manner, the iMD platform makes it simple for you to quickly find resources that will make the task of explaining complex medical information more efficient for you, and more effective for your patient!

Optimized Patient Flow

The iMD platform is designed to be of value at each step of the typical patient journey.

From pre-diagnosis to post-treatment care, iMD has the resources to help you navigate each part of the conversation with your patients to help them better understand their health and the best options for recovery.

Easily navigate a host of images, videos and topics covering the range of the human body to pinpoint the issue(s) your patient is experiencing.

When you are ready to discuss a diagnosis, iMD provides a library of resources to help you walk your patient through complex medical information. Research tells us that when a patient understands their medical condition they are more likely to adhere to a treatment regimen.

iMD enables you to provide patients with improved understanding of their prescribed medications and treatment plans, through the sharing of drug product monographs, branded patient information and support materials.

You’ll also have the option to provide patients with targeted information to guide them on their journey to recovery post-visit. With the click of a button you can send all of the information you’ve discussed with your patient directly and securely to them via email.

A Win-Win Solution

Simply put, the iMD platform is a tool that is meant to make your life easier.

Optimized for use at each step of the patient journey, iMD leverages visual learning to help you save time in the exam room, making your consultations more efficient and effective for both you and your patients!

The iMD system has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from patients, who greatly appreciate the visual learning experience and acknowledge a deeper sense of engagement and overall satisfaction.

Engaged patients = healthier patients.

 If you haven’t already, start exploring iMD’s free platform by clicking the link below to sign up.