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Official Press Release announcing new partnership

Hospitality Network Canada (2011) Inc., “Hospitality Network” and iMD Health develop partnership bringing patient education to patients’ bedside

TORONTO, November 28, 2017 – Hospitality Network & iMD Health Global Corporation announce their strategic partnership

Hospitality Network & iMD Health are pleased to announce that they have formed a strategic partnership whereby the iMD educational software platform will be made available to all of the Hospitality Networks digital hospital customers.  Launching today, iMD will be available to over 2,500 hospital bedside terminals across Canada.

iMD Health is Canada’s leading technology innovator providing a digital, interactive, educational approach to the examination/counseling rooms of Family Physicians, Specialists, Nurses and Pharmacists to provide the latest health information to patients “At The Point of Care”®.

Hospitality Network is Canada’s leading provider of Interactive Bedside Terminals, offering many functionalities to increase patient engagement and improve health outcomes with better patient understanding through health education.  Our goal is to help and support Canadian hospitals to improve the delivery of care and reduce cost.

The iMD offering within Hospitality Networks’ Interactive Bedside Terminals will offer:

“This partnership is very exciting for both organizations.  It combines the innovative digital interactive bedside terminals that patients utilize during their hospital stay, with leading education that patients need.  Our iMD solutions are used across Canada by  private practices, large medical centres, pharmacy stores and now within hospitals. Working with Hospitality Network, we are now providing access to iMD for ten’s of thousands of patients and impacting their health literacy and understanding of their condition while in hospital and for when they are discharged home”, says Kevin Delano, President & CEO of iMD Health Global. “We look forward to working with Hospitality Network to assist their hospital customers in the care of their patients during their stays”.

“The strategic partnership with iMD is consistent with our mission to support patients and hospitals across the country, and to continuously deliver better services to help support and improve the healthcare systems in Canada”, added Serge Lafleur, President and CEO of Hospitality Network. “As our solutions at the bedside evolve, we firmly believe that delivering better education to patients will support them during this difficult moment in their life, while giving hospitals access to much needed professional, certified education material”.

About Hospital Network:

Hospitality Network has grown to become Canada’s leading provider of interactive patient entertainment systems in the Canadian healthcare market. Hospitality Network leads the hospital market, serving more than 40,000 beds in more than 200 hospitals across Canada. Hospitality Network has also created a unique niche in the senior care homes market, and today is the leading provider of managed TV programming and telephone services to more than 19,000 suites in more than 170 homes across Canada.

For more information about Hospitality Network, please contact Paul Hemburrow, Vice-President of Sales and Marketing, at phemburrow@hospnet.ca

About iMD Health Global:

iMD Health Global is a Canadian based healthcare software development company, based in Toronto.  Since 2010, iMD has grown into Canada’s largest and most innovative digital patient education platform.  Winning many awards in Canada and on the global stage, iMD has arrived as the best-in-class solution.  iMD offers it’s platform to healthcare professionals (Doctors, Nurses and Pharmacists) “At The Point of Care” ® (Doctor clinic, Hospitals, Pharmacy’s and Home Healthcare). iMD is a cloud-based patient education platform that allows healthcare professionals to bring their patient session to life through seamless integration of professionally – vetted diagrams, brochures and videos on over 1,500 + conditions, anatomical categories and treatment options. All content is print and email enabled, to provide to the patients at home, so to increase their level of understanding, retention – improving their adherence to treatment plans.

For more information about iMD Health, please contact Jared Sonnenberg, Vice-President at:  jared.sonnenberg@imdhealth.com        www.imdhealth.com