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Vaccines411 & iMD Health seek to Enhance Physician Education

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Official Press Release announcing new partnership feature

TORONTO, MARCH 30th, 2017

Vaccines411 and iMD Health continue to develop partnership to enhance physician education!


Vaccines411 & iMD Health Global continue to grow their strategic partnership   iMD Health is Canada’s leading technology innovator providing a digital, interactive, educational approach to the examination/counseling rooms of Family Physicians, Specialists, Nurses and Pharmacists to provide the latest health information to patients “At The Point of Care”®.   Vaccines411.ca’s mission is to be the most complete online destination for Canadians to find their nearest vaccination clinic and to learn about vaccines, helping them stay healthy at home and abroad.

The iMD offering within Vaccines411 new E-Learning Section will offer:  ➢ Increased access to healthcare professionals to reliable, up-to-date
information in their practice ➢ Ability to offer increased patient satisfaction through increased understanding and a deeper sense of engagement ➢ Ongoing access to all of the iMD content through our cloud-based platform, available on tablet, computer – giving easy access in any location
“This partnership is very exciting for both organizations.  It combines the work flow platform that health care professionals need with leading education that patients need.  Our iMD solutions are used across Canada by over 2,300 Professionals.

With our ongoing partnership with Vaccines411, we are now providing access to educational materials through iMD to thousands of doctors, and impacting the health literacy and understanding of medical conditions to many more Canadians”, says Kevin Delano, President & CEO of iMD Health Global.   About Vaccines411:

Vaccines411.ca is an online vaccination clinic locator which also includes reliable immunization resources for Canadians to easily find the vaccination resources they need. The website was officially launched in May 2011. This free online service was created in order to facilitate the process of vaccination for the many Canadians who do not know where to turn to for this kind of information. The information provided on Vaccines411.ca is designed to complement, not replace, communication between patients and healthcare professionals.

For more information about Vaccines411, please contact: Despina Doukas at Despina@frsnm.com www.Vaccines411.ca   About iMD Health Global: iMD Health Global is a Canadian based healthcare software development company, based in Toronto.  Since 2010, iMD has grown into Canada’s largest and most innovative digital patient education platform.  Winning many awards in Canada and on the global stage, iMD has arrived as the best-in-class solution.  iMD offers it’s platform to healthcare professionals (Doctors, Nurses and Pharmacists) “At The Point of Care” ® (Doctor clinic, Hospitals, Pharmacy’s and Home Healthcare). iMD is a cloud-based patient education platform that allows healthcare professionals to bring their patient session to life through seamless integration of professionally – vetted diagrams, brochures and videos on over 1,500 + conditions, anatomical categories and treatment options. All content is print and email enabled, to provide to the patients at home, so to increase their level of understanding, retention – improving their adherence to treatment plans.   For more information about iMD Health, please contact Jared Sonnenberg, Director at: jared.sonnenberg@imdhealth.com        www.imdhealth.com       www.imdpinga.com

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