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iMD Health wins: Most Innovative Healthcare Technology Provider – Canada 2015

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TORONTO, February 23, 2016

iMD Health has been awarded the prestigious Most Innovative Healthcare Technology Provide award – Canada for 2015 by AI Global Media Ltd., London, United Kingdom.

Published article in the AI Global International directory;

iMD Health is the preeminent digital patient engagement platform from within

examination rooms across Canada. Kevin Delano provides us with an overview

of the firm and the company’s position in the market.

Established five years ago, iMD Health has a simple vision, to change lives, both the lives of our Users (Clinician’s) and their patients.  We do this through delivering a best in class medical illustration library, unbranded patient materials, branded materials, digital tool box, print and email enabled solutions. 

Health Professionals use iMD to visually explain to patients their condition and treatment options, while being able to email all the materials to the patient at home. 

iMD Health is a complete digital solution; where we provide;  touch screen systems “At The Point of Care”™ or our new cloud based solution, iMD Pinga (used on any device); both platforms contain medical illustrations, treatment resource documents /videos and many digital innovative solutions: digital referral networks, patient benefit programs, enrolment services, digital diagnostic assessments, etc.).  The software operates in both doctor exam rooms and pharmacy counselling rooms and we close the loop at home by sending the materials to the patient via  our secure patient portal. 

This product is revolutionary as it is impacting the patients understanding of their condition, and empowering them to manage their own health.           

iMD Health provides our solution to healthcare professionals on no cost.  We generate our revenues by giving brand companies (Rx, OTC, CPG) the opportunity to promote their brands At The Point of Care™ – when the treatment therapies are being discussed.

Over the past 12 months we have delivered over nine million patient education sessions, utilising our firm’s approach which involves listening to our clinicians and patients to ensure the sessions are tailored to meet their needs. We engage them on a deep level to understand what they like and don’t like. 

In addition to this we are flexible and responsive to changes in the market, adjusting our software weekly which ensures we are adding the features that the clinicians want, sometimes at the risk of brand revenues.  We always focus on building a platform that Clinicians (Doctors and Pharmacists) request, thus driving higher usage.

Currently in Canada we do not have any direct competitors, and as such we give brand manufactures the opportunity to have their brand materials be available during the treatment conversation inside the exam room. Every touch on iMD is a measurement. We give brand manufactures unprecedented data, measuring the conversations inside exam rooms, and the use of their materials. 

Our client service / sales team at iMD is called Client Experience.  Everything we do for our clients is focused around optimizing the whole experience when dealing with iMD.  It is not just a specific group, it is a philosophy throughout the whole company.  From inbound phone calls via reception, to the experience in dealing with technical issues.  Of course, our sales team leads the charge, but at iMD, it is a company mantra to ‘show our clients love’ at every occasion.

Working in a fast moving digital space means that we have to adapt quickly to keep up with emerging trends. In order to achieve this we are constantly watching all trends, not only in Canada, but around the globe.  One thing we have learned is that technology is moving much faster than the Doctors adapting to their use.  This adoption gap slows development down, which, in the case of changing Doctors behaviours, introducing new systems into their exam room, changing the way they interact with a patient which is a good thing. 

Ultimately we see this adoption gap as an opportunity for iMD. We are changing the way a Doctor/Pharmacists practice.  This doesn’t happen overnight.  This environment also provides higher barriers to entry from any competitors.  It’s not just about the technology or the next shiny new object….it is about integrating into the workflow of a Doctor / Pharmacist– which takes careful planning and patience.

iMD is built for Doctors first, brand manufacturers second.  We have learned, that by focusing on the way a Clinician –practices, the functionality they want, will only lead to greater adoption / use.  With high use, comes more attractiveness to brands.   We utilize a medical board to ensure we are building the best solutions.  We utilize a sophisticated QA process to ensure development items are tested before release.  We utilize industry leading security measures and global technology leaders to ensure our uptime is best in class.

Our firm has only been operating in the market for a relatively short time, but we have managed strong market growth during that time, having expanded coast to coast throughout Canada, as well as discussing pilots in the USA, Australia, United Kingdom and the Middle East.

Canada is known to be one of the most highly regarded healthcare systems in the world, and with that also comes countless regulations and processes. We have learned that if we can be successful in a highly regulated market like Canada, other markets will be a bit easier to implement.  There is huge pressure on Doctors and Pharmacists in Canada.  With regulators having significant controls over income levels for both, clinician’s are challenged to find new ways of optimizing their practices.  Just working longer hours is not the solution.  Working differently and optimizing systems, workflow will have a major positive impact.  This is where iMD plays.

Looking to the future we are keen to expand on our current success. We are about to embark on two major strategic initiatives that will take iMD into our next chapter; firstly, significant launch into chain Pharmacies across Canada. Secondly iMD Pinga (cloud solution) – making iMD available on any device.  We anticipate massive growth in both of these areas in the next 12 months and beyond.  This will set us perfectly for expansion into the USA and other geographies outside of North America.

For information on iMD Health, Contact Details

Company: iMD Health Global Corp.

Name:  Kevin Delano, President & CEO

Email: info@imdhealth.com

Web Address:  www.imdhealth.com

Address:80 North Queen Street, Ste 301, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M8Z 2C9

Telephone: 647-776-2044